As August Faller is a manufacturer of all three relevant pharmaceutical secondary packaging, you as a customer benefit from their focused pharmaceutical expertise, whether it be in relation to folding cartons, leaflets or adhesive labels. August Faller is also your competent partner for pharmaceutical supply chain consultation or pharmaceutical packaging. In the ideal case there would be a so-called system order, i.e. all three packaging types delivered at the same time, labelling of goods, harmonisation of quantities and cross-product colour coordination are carried out and the customer has only one contact person for all of this.

At the outset is the customer requirement and with this a precise customer enquiry or also a particular secondary packaging problem [1]. This is the start of intensive customer consultation [2], which works out all the parameters of the requirement for Faller's development department. The development phase [3] then begins, in which a solution-orientated design is created in agreement with the customer. In many cases this incorporates, for example, the development of a concept for anti-counterfeiting, finishing or logistics consultation. By means of the rapid provision of samples [4] customers are presented promptly with tangible results which can be used directly for trial runs on the customer's machines. Necessary adjustments are then made in the fine tuning phase [5] and the binding contract is issued [6]. Faller's so-called RAFT teams (Right At First Time) supervise the new contract throughout the entire production process in permanent consultation with the customer, and ensure a smooth operation. At the end is a finished Faller product; produced and packaged according to the highest pharmaceutical standards - ready for supply [7]. Specific processing conditions for the customer are actively supervised on site by our After Sales Support [8] for the integration of the Faller product in the customer process.



Using its own development department and with the support of the customer consultant, Faller advises its customers on site. In doing so, development contracts or confidentiality agreements for example, are concluded The consultation service ranges from design, to the material to be used, to feasibility of the customer's request at Faller and the machinability of the end product at your plant.



Our services also have an emphasis on the support of supply chain projects, kanban and CIP workshops and lean management to improve the procedures between Faller and the pharmacists.



Your personal customer consultant would also be happy to advise you on matters of anti-counterfeiting. With holistic approaches from manufacture to despatch we develop security concepts tailored to your requirements.


Faller does justice to the important key words in the pharmaceutical sector - compliance & convenience-, with its intelligent designs or entire packaging creations. Easy-to-open folding cartons, age-based packaging, the application of Braille onto folding cartons and adhesive labels or the development of combination products with elements to support the taking of medicines are only a few examples.

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