Our PharmaServiceCenter Folding cartons

At our headquarters in Waldkirch August Faller manufactures folding cartons and combination products according to cGMP standards at two production sites. Waldkirch is also the location of the head office with the management, sales, HR, purchasing divisions etc.

Our expertise

August Faller produces folding cartons in two plants in Waldkirch in different designs, of high quality and e.g.  furnished with Braille. Production specialities are our combination products. For this purpose we can affix adhesive labels onto folding cartons or leaflets, place leaflets in folding cartons (Pick-and-Place) or undertake window gluing. In addition, to ensure "Japanese quality" we have purchased our own sorting machine. The production capacity is more than 1.6 billion leaflets annually.


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August Faller KG
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