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Faller is a family business in every sense of the word. We value flat hierarchies and committed employees, and the promotion of further education and training is an integral part of our personnel development. We also attach great importance to family-friendly working conditions. A healthy and livable environment is all part of creating a successful and fulfilling life, both at work and at home.

At the same time, the focus is always on the customer-oriented development of products and services. We are continuously working on the efficiency of our processes with KVP ('Continuous Improvement Process') and the Ideas Management. All employees can submit their ideas and have the chance to implement them together with the idea coordinators. For excellent working conditions and an excellent working atmosphere is something we really believe in.

With our qualified and creative employees we continue to work on the further expansion of our position as one of the leaders in the pharmaceutical secondary packaging market, and as innovative provider of services in the field of pharma logistics and pharmaceutical packaging.

Proper training is the first step towards professional success in the future. 

Faller really gets our young trainees in seven different recognized professions off to a good start. Our Head of Training and the various trainers from each of the departments offer a wide range of different supplementary courses, workshops and events to choose from - more than just the standard program: for example, team events, courses in etiquette and addiction prevention workshops, and even project work in study partnerships or voluntary social projects.

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