Your packaging, your memory space, your information

A characteristic that is unique worldwide – the patented polymer-based Faller Printable Data Store opens up an endless amount of possibilities to store important information directly on your product. Whether it is batch numbers or alternating codes with unlimited encryption to clearly indicate your original. This means that, by request, you can save different information for different recipients all in the same space with a different key.

Further applications are the storage of large amounts of text such as the information on your leaflet in different languages. These could also be saved as audio files and the risks and side effects can be read to the patient. Movies, logos or pictured instruction manuals are also easy to be realized. The Printable Data Store saves data up to several megabytes on smallest space. That's enough for a whole pop song in a space the size of your thumb nail. Printed on.

The various application possibilities of the Printable Data Store become more obvious in the following chart:  


White paper & brochure

You would like to know more about our Printable Data Store? Simply download our brochure or the white paper, in which the technology and its diverse application possibilities are described in detail.  

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